The HWS book club

We talk while we walk in 'the highland walking society' and subjects can be wide ranging to say the least. Books often come up as a topic of conversation with many recommendations and counter-recommendations being made. Very often however we forget what the name of 'that' book was by the time we get home. Hence the creation of 'the highland walking society' book club. This page is designed for members to add the titles of recommended books (these can be walking related, or otherwise).

Added by Bruce Brebner:

   'A Time Of Gifts' by Patrick Leigh Fermor 

  'As I Walked Out One Mid-Summer Morning' by Laurie Lee

 'Songlines' by Bruce Chatwin 

 'The Mountains of My Life' by Walter Bonatti 

  'The White Spider' by Heinrich Harrer 

 'Touching The Void' by Joe Simpson

 'A Walk In The Woods' by Bill Bryson

 'Along The Road' by Aldous Huxley

 'The Sheltering Sky' by Paul Bowles

  'Beyond the Secret Howff' by Ashie Brebner

Added by Kathleen Munro:

  'Born To Run' by Christopher McDougall

Added by Alastair Macdonald:

   'The Seabird's Cry' by Adam Nicolson

   'The Wild Places' by Robert Macfarlane

  'Findings' by Kathleen Jamie

  'Mountains Of The Mind' by Robert Macfarlane

   'Seven Years In Tibet' by Heinrich Harrer

 'Sightlines' by Kathleen Jamie